Hi, I’m Christian. I have been working in the Internet Industry since the 90s. I have always enjoyed working on large scale networks and interconnections. I have started my own companies as well as worked for a large Fortune 50 company.

My passions include Computer Networks, Travel, Photography and Ham Radio.

I am an entrepreneur at heart. I look at the world and think, how can I make this better. While I am not able to solve every problem I run in to, I like to think that I make this world a better place.

As for this site, nielsen.net is my personal domain which I signed up for in 1995. This site had remained empty for many years. My goal is to move more of my personal information here vs having it distributed around the Internet.

Overtime I will post updates, insights and information about me and how I perceive the world. Yes, I might be wrong and I am OK with that. If you want to convince me of that, feel free to contact me. I might not always respond but I am open to learning.

I am free to change my mind. With new or more information, I may change my mind, position or thinking on any subject. Just because I wrote about it once doesn’t mean that is set it stone. I can say without a doubt that what I believed and thought when I was younger is completely different then what I believe and think now.